In playing with the email document settings to meet a specific client need, it seems to be lacking somewhat in how you can send emails for specific document types.

This is a discussion I started in the forum: https://community.dynamics.com/gp/f/32/p/279898/800443#800443

Essentially, I think you should be able to link a document type e.g. Invoice or Delivery Docket to an address ID type rather than a specific address.


Invoice goes to the Bill To Address as defined on the Card OR
Invoice goes to the Bill To Address as defined on the transaction
Delivery Docket goes to the Ship To address as defined on the Transaction

The forum post has some screen shots to elaborate and a very basic indicator of what I believe is needed.

The scenario that drove this investigation was a client who has multiple store locations but one customer ID. The Ship To address is updated on each transaction.
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We will consider this functionality for a future release.
Thank you

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft