Excluding a theoretical future Backup \ Restore from NAV on BC, in addition to manual management with Rapidstart (export\import packages) it might be useful to have a dedicated tool (created as an extension to activate OnDemand if necessary) for direct data import in BC from NAV. The extension could be based on Rapidstart or other solutions, consuming NAV Web Services, Query on Powershell etc. Thanks.

Ideas Administrator

We have released the ability to bring your data from NAV2018 to Business Central SaaS through the intelligent cloud sync functionality.  This was released as part of the April 2019 update.

Jennifer Ranz
Senior Program Manager



Hi Jennifer,
Can you give us a time frame for when such migration app from NAV to BC will be available? In 2019? We have a lot of potential customers who are ready to make the change to BC, so therefore we would like this app to be available asap. :)
Your "C5 2012 migration app" is very good, so more of these migration apps please! :)

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