Users are not able to change the location on the Put away and Pick worksheets. Although the user is setup as a warehouse employee for the location, they cannot select the locations to generate Picks or Put aways. The worksheets should allow the user to select any location, when they have a warehouse employee record.
Category: Warehousing
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

To change location, user should selection worksheet name, then associated Location Code will be used.
Please search for Warehouse Worksheet Template and ensure that worksheet names with required location codes exist for templates of type Put-away and Pick.
Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft



Picking from a different location does not make sense as the inventory needs to be moved via the item re-class or warehouse re-class to the location where the demand exists for picks.
I could understand the desire to put-away to a different location but again this would normally be done as a put-away and then a transfer or reclass to the other location.

Category: Warehousing