When printing a receipt, or any other receiptprinter documents, the printer cut's the paper 100%. What is most common is to cut the receipt with 95%. If cut 100%, the receipt very often falls down to the floor. When cut 95% there is a small strip of uncut paper that the casher then rips of when handing the receipt to the customer.

There are no parameters that lets us control this setting. The RetailDSK dll/class that controls this process is interop.oposPOSPrinter, and the class method is OPOSPOSPrinterClass.CutPaper(Int).

What we need is the following :
1. The ability to control CutPaper to 95%
2. The ability to add extensions to this class

We prefer no 1.

Hardware profile is set up with OPOS printer - HP A799 printer

Repro steps:
Log into MPOS, and print a receipt or X-report and see that the paper is cut 100%

Under Review



This is completed

Category: Hardware and peripherals