In the current environment, when we produce the list of checks to be cut, why do we have to go into manage->delete the checks we don't want to use? This is backwards. This cause issue as if we do not adjust the list, all checks will be printed when we do not want to make payment.

The correct flow should be, list of vendor payable we want to pay and then click the boxes for the bills we want to pay. This is much easier and intuitive for accounting people. This is also the process flow for all the other ERP system except Microsoft's platform.

Category: Purchasing
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.  This functionality is currently available in Business Central.  On the role center for the business manager, in actions, there is a create payment action.  This will display the vendor ledger entries page displaying all unpaid invoices.  This list lets you mark the invoices you want to pay, and the action create payment on the ribbon will build those marked invoices into checks.  These checks will be added to the Payment Journal so you can use the complete functionality of printing checks, or generating EFT payments before posting.

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Theresa Nistler