Suggested Thu, 29 Nov 2018 14:00:00 GMT by Microsoft – Under Review
Category: User Experience

In previous versions of Dynamics AX (AX 2012 and before) it was possible to enter a calculation in decimal fields. e.g. 1000*1.21. The result was an amount : 1210. In the current version of Dynamics 365 this is not possible anymore. This is a much requested feature by namely accounting users. They use it a lot for calculating amounts to add or subtract Sales Tax.

Comments (11)
  • I used this function everyday for simple calculations. Now I'm using a separate calculator app in Windows but it would save a lot of manual actions if this feature can be used again in Dynamics.
  • Yes! In addition to sales tax case, it was great in pricing scenarios as mentioned before; i.e. entering prices with markup/margin. Cost price / (1 - desired margin in decimal) = sales price. Say you want 25% margin and your cost price is 46, you would enter 46/0,75
  • Loved this feature. Used it often in pricing scenarios.
  • Definitely an important feature to add! Our finance team is finding difficult now that they have transitioned from 2012 -> D365.
  • it should be available in Dyn365 for opperations.
  • It was (don't know if it is still the case), also a great one in presales to compete against SAP.

  • This is a great feature for manufacturing clients as well.  Its super helpful when working with BOM's / Formulas and inventory journals. 

  • A simple function to have but an extremely useful one too!

  • Thanks Microsoft for bringing this idea from Connect to Ideas.

  • Agree that this was really useful functionality, was simple and aided accuracy and duplication.