Greetings and good day

Here is my situation:

  • I have created a PCF component
  • Inside the PCF I have 2 CSS files as resources.
  • i published my PCF and imported it in different environments
  • In my next Update, I changed those CSS files, but to my amazement the files in Dataverse do not change anymore
  • No matter what I did, those webresources are Managed and not subject to change.

So in summary, WebResources in PCF components are unable to be updated, you developers better watchout and you microsoft developers, you can fix it for us.




For those of you who may come here having the same issue,There is a workaround that I found, which is almost really hard,You have to renamename the web resources in your PCF component publish your component in to your environments,You are gonna see that previous ones are deleted and the new ones exist, but for some reason Dynamics does not use them in your PCF, so your PCF looks ugly and weird now.Now Rename the Webresources to their original names and reimport and republish all.Vala! it is suddenly fixed!I hope this helps anyone who also ell in to this dark hole.

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