We have found that on Return transactions (using the "default" customer), we are not able to see the original receipt or transaction that the return is linked to. Specifically, we are looking at return transactions where the Sale is return sale parameter is set to "Yes". The help text for the Sale is return sale field says: "This column indicates that this transaction is a return by receipt. This will not be checked for blind returns."

Accordingly, we expect that return transactions would have a value in the Retrieved from receipt field. Presumably, this would be the receipt from the original transaction where the product(s) were originally sold. However, we have found that the Retrieved from receipt field is always empty.

This prevents a serious risk to any retail organization as it makes it impossible to properly analyze and investigate returns that are completed. Ideally, an organization should be able to audit the return transactions to look at when and by whom the original transaction was created to identify any oddities or suspicious activity. This requirement becomes more critical in many retail organizations due to the level of turnover of staff in retail stores.
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Thank you for this input.  We will review this suggestion and track it in our product feature backlog.  -Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager.


Greetings, everyone! This essential feature is crucial, as the revenue department often requires the reference number of the original transaction when processing returns.

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Category: Store Operations and POS