It is very difficult to know which feature will be enabled when a customer is updating D365 to a new version. We think a list of all features including

  • the auto enable version (the D365 version when the feature is automatically enabled) for prod environments (which is different to cloud hosted environments in many cases),
  • the mandatory (when the feature can not be disabled anymore) date/D365 version for prod environments
  • and a link to the Microsoft docs page of this feature

would be very helpful for everyone.

In addition the feature add date would be nice and the ability to filter and sort this list.

Currently the information can be gathered from many different places and is incomplete which makes it very difficult.




One option for a better documentation could be to have a documentation text box which is mandatory in Azure DevOps backlog items. The backlog item can then being connected to the according pull request for the new feature. A pipeline can then create automatically a documentation from all backlog items connected to pull requests from this release whenever a new release is created. This is very less manual effort but ensures thet all customers and partners are informed about all current changes. That is how we are creating our release notes.

Category: Documentation (wiki and task guides)