Description of problem:

there is suggestion form the customer to extend a wharehouse app (Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Warehousing).
The requirement is to exetend the work creation process for “Purchase order item receiving” and “Mixed license plate receiving” to allow the user to select the itemId from an interactive list instead of scanning it.

An example of the layout we need in the activity code “Display open work list” where the user has a filterable and sortable list of works that are selectable. The layout is nice and tidy, a square around the button and corresponding text. See attached picture "Standard selectable list - Display open work list".

it is seen that the workid part of the information within the selectable “record” in the picture is the work id but the whole “record” is selectable and this is good design.

this same design for the " Purchase order item receiving” and “Mixed license plate receiving” would be very helpful.
Category: User Experience
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