The Project (and Funding source details on the project contract level) can contain default financial dimensions and it's used widely for out customer. There's scenario when the customer wants to remove the financial dimension value from the project expense transaction.

In order to do that the user creates new "Expense" journal for the project. Fill in all the necessary data. In the end user click "Financial dimensions" button in the top part of the form and remove/delete one of the value. Then the user posts the journal. When the user validates the voucher he/she stills see the "removed" financial dimension value in this voucher related to "Project - Cost" which is not right.

System is showing default dimension from project on posted Voucher while we had removed financial dimensions at the time of posting the expense journal.

Request: Once user removes the Financial dimensions before posting the journal, the voucher shouldn't contain any Financial dimensions due to the fact that we have removed them upon creation of the journal.
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