Master planning can be set up to plan by site only or by site and warehouse. Most customers plan by site and warehouse.

This means that planned orders are supposed to have warehouses. If not, many cascading problems occur.

MRP is planning for a blank warehouse and demand and supply are no longer aligned correctly. this cascades down to the BOM lines of a prod order who can end up with blank warehouses , making reservation impossible, and disrupting functionality of advanced warehousing.

The purpose of this IDEA is to prevent this from ever happening by warning the user that MRP will generate planned orders with blank warehouses unless he fixes something.

1.The biggest risk is the BOM lines. No warning exists if you leave the warehouse blank in the BOM line.

This is a terrible danger. When MRP is planning by warehouse , the user has to be FORCED to either put a warehouse in the BOM line or click 'resource consumption'.

2.Then resource consumption is checked the system will check whether an operation 10 exists in the routing that has a resource (group) that has the input warehouse populated. When not. the user gets an error. This should be a show stopping error. This is the moment to prevent big trouble. The trigger for the system to check this should be at saving? Not sure about that.

3.MRP should scream loudly when planned orders without a warehouse are generated for items that are planned for site and warehouse. These planned orders should be impossible to firm and end up on an error message list..

4.The net requirement screen of an item that is planned by site and warehouse should not tolerate lines in the top pane of the screen that have a blank warehouse. A big warning like this :"System is planning requirements for a blank warehouse, this will create invalid MRP results. Fix immediately"

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Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft