Allow for the ability to change an agreement booking date to processed and update the associated details. This would allow for the scenarios where a technician is onsite and also completes a maintenance or sells a maintenance agreement and completes the first service for that agreement. Currently unable to update the booking dates to allow for any manual completion of work.
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Thanks for raising an idea. 

We think the spirit of this concept is already possible. While you cannot manually update an Agreement Booking Date to "Processed" you can manually update it to "Cancelled," which seems like what has happened in the scenario you've proposed. The Agreement Booking Date is only intended to be "Processed" when a Work Order has been generated from that date.

If this is a traceability question and one of your customers has a scenario where they are conducting a future maintenance which they are aware of through other means (since the maintenance has not yet been generated) and want to be able to trace this against the Agreement, at this time, this doesn't seem like a sufficiently common use case that we should adjust the product to support it. That said, we can envision the scenario where this could occur and, for customers where this makes sense, we think a custom field to trace the related work order added to the booking date or some other customer-specific extension seems like a very viable way to meet a somewhat uncommon use-case.

If you think we've missed some key aspect of the scenario, we encourage you to raise another idea to clarify our understanding.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service