Future featuring the option to maintain item sales price schedule review maintenance proposal maybe helpful instead or in addition in creating multiple inquiries and/or reports using conventional system.

Featuring a sales price schedule maintenance review proposal on specified period, user may potentially easily review sales product unit prices on a default proposal maintenance schedule in addition to reviewing expired customer or vendor trade agreements.

Not featuring a sales product unit price schedule review maintenance on a specified period, user may potentially conventionally create multiple queries, reports or use external support through a power app (with potential vlookup functionality) to easy retrieve item sales price to be review on a specified period range.

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Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft



Note: Alternative featuring a power app with potential vlookup to retrieve from an external system maybe a potential option, however user may need to write an integration to update potential new sales unit price as per specified approved potential unit price increase/decrease. INSTEAD of a build-in proposal easy retrieval.

Category: Product Information Management