Companies who works with a double ledger : one statutory in EUR (= accounting currency) , one IFRS in USD (= reporting currency).
Their mandatory need is to be able to obtain, in real time, a direct valuation in their reporting currency (USD) of all their inputs entered in transaction currency (whichever it might be).

Example  : If the transaction currency is GBP, the accounting currency is EUR and the reporting currency is USD, we need to convert GBP to EUR and GBP to USD.
Of course, all foreign currency revaluation processes (customer, vendor and general ledger modules) have to follow the same rule of accounting.

Category: General Ledger
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This lack of functionality is likely to stop customer's acceptance to implement Dynamics 365 for their business use if they identify it, even once the project has started...

SAP competitor offers this set up as a standard.

So it is important to develop it ASAP in Dynamics 365 !

Category: General Ledger