Gantt on manufacturing is not a "Nice to have" but it's a "must have".

Some Add-ons exist for Dynamic and Drag&Drop Gantt.

But static report with gantt and load could be implement "out of the box".

Actual Load reports are very old and not easy to read.


I asume this is related to BC Saas (cloud)?

This option is actually mentioned here Business Central Add-in for Outlook FAQ - Business Central | Microsoft Docs but it is not documented very well and I'm not sure it actually works. It is a little complicated as the solution seems to be to edit the xml files that are used for deployment of the add-in.

Now you don't need different add-ins for different companies within the same BC tenant, so I guess the idea is to have different add-ins for different BC tenants,

I think a problem is that you usually have a company in a tenant related to the companies domain (like CompanyName.com) ant the users are connected to the same domain, so a users Microsoft id/email/username is something like User.Name@CompanyName.com.

So the user opens outlook with an account for User.Name@CompanyName.com and when activating functionality in the add-in, then outlook will log into Business Central with this user.

Now maybe it would be nice if this same user could also use the add-in for an other company with domain OtherCompany.com, but User.Name@CompanyName.com is not a valid user in the BC/tenant for domain OtherCompany.com.

So maybe I don't exactly understand how this works, but it seems to be to be logically impossible, because the same userid (outlook account) cannot be a valid user in two different BC tenants (two different domains)?


My client has just requested this one as well. Else they need to run individual budget reports.


Yes, it's a good idea, and it should be in system. on the other, we have developed this report for our customers with only open entries.


it Should be to get preview post for all the journals, and any other area for posting into G/L and other modules as well.


Is there a MISSING location in D365 for cycle count adjustments?


In other WMS products, there is a means to configure cycle counts in such a way that when a location is cycle counted and a variance discovered, the variance is automatically accepted, but instead of the inventory going "poof" and disappearing from the on hand records for the warehouse, the inventory is moved from the location being counted to a special location called MISSING or LOST, etc. (Also, if inventory is found unexpectedly during a cycle count it will be moved from the MISSING or LOST location into the location being counted. )


In both scenarios, adjustments are spooled for review for the respective quantities. However, these are for the qtys that have been moved in and out of the MISSING or LOST location -not the normal locations. These are reviewed and researched by an inventory control manager weekly and then accepted much like variances are accepted today in the standard CC functionality within D365. Only at this point of acceptance does the inventory truly disappear (get created) from the on hand inventory records for that warehouse.


This approach:

  1. Lets you continue using a location for picking, etc. but gives you time to do the research before the inventory goes "poof"
  2. Provides a single location to reference when doing research to see when and where a product has moved in and out of the LOST location. This makes research faster.


It strikes me that there is no way to configure this sort of pending adjustment in D365. Does anyone disagree?


4 years later and this is still a needed function. How many votes does it take to get this developed?


OK, good feature.


This would be fantastic. Having the subject line auto default to company name and customer name I feel is too confusing and less likely to be opened by the customer.


Still waiting on this update to be added, it will be a game changer for us:

Update 2/4/2021. 

On the new Schedule Board, you would be able to see the Booked hours aggregation and the Name of the job on the Bookings itself. However, the ability to show a custom field on the Bookings in the Days view, is still something on our roadmap, not yet available in the schedule board. 




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