I would suggest to add a privilege's to the suggested functionality so its possible to create or add the task to delete expense reports a role.


So, basically the current way prevents user to make a correction for a mistake immediately. The Q&A json is used as input for many processes like reports and customer documents that are autogenerated (printed or digital) -> user makes a mistake, with current way -> all those remain incorrect.

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It seems like there is already a solution to this problem.

"you can export the queries as an XML-package in Data Management. This creates a zip-file including all the queries. This zip-file can then be imported in any environment you want."

You can close this idea.


I would like to complete this request as to say you would like to be able to set this in the system generally per tenant or even being able to set this per page.

Some customers need this feature and others would hate it, thus the need to be able to set it generally per tenant.



Even though we can setup the default quantity on the item it is true that the suggested quantity takes production order remaining quantity into account. When we produce more than the started quantity the proposed quantity is 0; could we have a setup to always display default quantity from the item instead?


Still an issue for 10.0.26.

Have a saved view for Trade Agreements (mi=VendTableListPage) that looks for a From date value (matches) of t, t-1 and "" (two double quotes).

When I enter the filter manually, it returns exactly what I'm expecting and the data outside of the date range is excluded.

When I save the results as personalization, open a new session and try to use the saved view, I get the error.

We were unable to apply the filters associated with this view due to security restrictions on this page. However, personalizations for this view have been applied.

Does MS even pay attention to these, considering it was reported back in July 2020 and has been upvoted over 60x?

Application release 10.0.26

Platform release PU50 (7.0.6354.75)


Better still, a switch to show all open transactions, and another one to also show closed transactions within a certain date range.

So - "Show Open Transactions" - yes/no

"Show Closed Transactions within dates" - date range

This would allow for a customer statement that shows all older open transactions, but which also shows any recent payments which have been applied against invoices.


This seems so obvious, can't believe it isn't built in already. Strong upvote!



It's been years since an update on this highly requested feature. Any word on why it can't happen?



For sure a very important change!

We need an automated process to 'Capture' identical forms that are present on many pages.


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