Business Central does not have Purchase Requisitions with Approval Workflows.

User needs to send PR for approval before it could be converted to Purchase Order for vendor.
The PR line must be able to let user enter multiple vendor no. or leave blank as requestor may not know which vendor to order.
Upon PR Approval, purchasing office would decide and input the vendor no. into PR before converting to PO.


This is especially relevant for personalizing the ESS/MSS screens.


I don't understand how come Attachment was not supported in Warehouse documents, Service Documents.
It was half done.


I was able to set up a conditional decision with following condition as a workaround for this issue:

Where: Workflow.Workflow originator is field User to person relationship.User ID

As expected, this decision takes one route in the workflow if the submitter and the person whose skills are modified are the same user (condition is true), and another route if someone has submitted a change for someone else (condition is false).


this comes up with almost every client of ours. Would be nice to have more functionality around this.


Hi Andrei Panko

I see that you change the status at completed.

But let me add this thing:

I understand that on purchase order the job type is important.

Why it is to linked directly into the purchase order when it is created from the planning worksheet? This is the problem. No Job information and also dimension is indicated in the purchase order created the the planning worksheet.

this is why we open a case an Deseree ask to open the idea here.

In Resume, a purchase order created from a planning worksheet related to a job with a Job type Budget per example and an assembly item with BOM, all other items in the BOM that needs to be purchase are detected in the planning worksheet, but the planning worksheet will not indicate the job number, job task, job type and dimension indicated in JOB.

Please consider this demand because it is a real problem. If you need to see a demonstration, I could do it for you to better understand the situation.


Also, let me add an other problem about the creation of a purchase order from the planning worksheet that detect from a job with dimensions, an assembly items linked into a job planning lines that will make possible to create the assembly order and purchase order in the planning worksheet.

If we request the same situation as described by Caroline, we discovered that in the planning worksheet and in the purchase order, no dimension already linked in the Job card follows.

A purchaser can not create the purchase order from a planning worksheet and will need to do it manually because we need to track the dimension in the purchase order as the job and task number already linked behind the scene and are not visible in the purchase order.


Note: Featuring INSTEAD production sales order from supply chain production, might be best option to safeguard uniformity standards and future easy dashboard generations or other power automate or power apps features.


Note: For purpose of operation easy visual identification and easy reporting or un-reporting. with no need to generate a financial reporting or a conventional budget transaction reporting.


We also have several customers with this need, there has to be a way for a BC SaaS to provide an non-changing address of som kind for security protocols.