This functionality is critical to our business processes for querying Invoices and other documents before processing. Being able to Notify another user of a question and maintaining a record in the document of the questions and responses builds an important audit trail, which is just not possible using Teams or eMails.


Once a batch has been approved you cannot make any changes to the amounts on the line anyway without gaining re-approval, which is what you would expect as it prevents a users from adjusting values and exporting the BACS file with amounts that were not approved.


However, since the protection above is in place, there seems no benefit in then adding another approval requirement after the BACS file has been created, this is just adding delays and inefficiency into the process. This is just not required and provides no additional financial control protection whilst frustrating users!!


Our organization needs the ability to Customize the Theme in the 'New Look' - colours, logos etc.


We need control over what is templated on the Task Templates


Columns used

Bucket Statuses

Creating our own Priorities and Status etc.


Our organization needs the ability to template everything on the Task Templates

Task checklists

Creating and using Buckets

Templating the columns on the Tasks Lists in this order:

Name | Quick Look (so we can see the checklist items) | Bucket (for Status of the Work) } Assigned to | Start | Finish | Duration | Effort | Priority (have the ability to change the options) | Depends on


A new feature was just released to mass change BOM components on production orders. This feature also needs to be extended to BOM Bundles as well.


Just ridiculous...

They are capturing tax code but not calculating tax

Would be great if it is fixed ASAP.


We also require this feature. Please respond to this as soon as possible.


Yogeshwari Mariappan


Yes would be great and have a very good option to make form read-only directly instead of reading and disable each and every controls of the form.


Yes. We too need this feature to be rolled out ASAP.


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