This feature will benefit the customer across the globe, as this is a common ask during any implementation.

Also, the Exchange rate gain/loss account must consider the first search from the Currency revaluation posting profiles based upon the transaction currency if no configuration found then 2nd search from the Ledger setup configuration to pick the realized Exchange rate gain/loss account automatically based upon the Transaction Currency code.


Additionally, extensions should be able to add their own "ValuesNotAllowed" fields to further control this.


Fixing this issue is of extreme importance, as it is forcing the customer to manually correct the records when submitting them to the validator.


Compliance risk. The current functionality does not comply with HMRC VAT regulations and places all UK users at risk. The functionality needs to be improved per the suggestion. Removing the functionality all together would be a significant reduction in functionality/user experience.


This is not what I suggested, this was to be able to Export a 'Company' from an Environment and then import that company into another.

This would mirror the Export to File Import from File function we had in NAV versions and was very useful.


Agree this should be standard. Voted. Now 181 votes and apparently still more votes needed?


Recommend this is implemented as separate table. To safeguard the data from the identification of individuals in the table (partyID?).


This would be a welcome feature for the UK market and other European Countries. The following protected characteristics are required to me monitored under European Law:








Marriage and civil partnership


These are the ones we haven’t got in Dynamics and would be welcomed as additional reference fields:


Religion or Belief

Sexual Orientation

Gender reassignment



User stories:



As an employee I want to , create read and update my protected

characteristics in the personal information tab in self service

·        As an employee I want to make sure my protected characteristics are not immediately visible from personal information

·        As a HR Administrator I want to see people’s protected characteristics on the Personal Information tab (Additional  information) As an Information manager I want to secure people’s protected characteristics

·        As a system administration I want to specify whether the collection of protected characters in revealed as functionality on a legal entity basis


I can't believe this suggestion is nearing 4 years old and hasn't garnered enough votes to get some action on it. This is such a no-brainer and is absolutely puzzling why we should be restricted to a single Bill-To Address per customer.

As a workaround, I’ve tested creating multiple additional "billing" contacts per customer and then when setting the Bill-To on the order/invoice header to Custom Address, that does reveal an option to select from those other additional customer "billing" contacts BUT... selecting another contact DOES NOT replace the Bill-To Address fields on the order/invoice header?!?!! (it only replaces the Name, Phone, Mobile and Email fields). The address fields are editable but it would be up to the user to overwrite them which is a bit much to ask.


Is this updated to increase the character length to 30 scheduled for an upcoming release????


Effectively, this is a significant limitation for moving our customers from GP to BC.


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