Ideally, the ability to enter a payee name and address from the Payment Journal and post to a G/L Account rather than a Vendor account.

Alternately (though both options would be better) - ability to issue a payment directly from the Purchase Invoice using a Misc. Vendor and Remit-to.


This is a great idea!


Just to add to this:

The Timer Control does not observe the default Service Schedule set on the SLA.

When viewing the Timer Control on a Case when the SLA has not been met until the next day or several days later the Timer Control is showing the amount of time that has elapsed from the First Response SLA to its success condition being met.

However the SLA KPI Instance Active Duration shows the number of minutes taken for the criteria to be met and observes the Business Hours.


I just copied this from Tom Schofield for i have the same question for D365 finance and operations.


This is a fundamental and gaping hole in the functionality


I totally agree with this idea. As there is no possibility to add a condition this functionnality is uselless.

We should be able to do the same kind of condition as it possible with the tigger to enter into the journey


Fully agree with this one.

For example, if a case was opened at 4pm, at 10am the next day the countdown will show 17 hours, whereas it should show 2 hours as it's only been 2 hours of user effort (rather than actual time).

Logged a ticket with MS as thought this was a bug, but it's a feature.

The official Microsoft statement is that the observed behavior is correct, the countdown takes in to account the whole time not the business hours.
This is the behavior we expect from this feature.


..or you will start Planning Worksheet with variable planning horizont,

set Starting Date ("a") and Ending Date ("a+180D") according to Workdate.

would be very useful

thanks in advance



as a lot of the receipts have two/three tax rates applied it is making the work harder/longer as we have to reject the expense report with instructions how to split the line as it has to be done by the user. Often they are not aware which VAT rate they should use - it should be available to editing by financial reviewer side. Thanks! Alicja Sobecka, Financial Reviewer


Hi, Yes we have the same issue. We have a Blood Rates table with 5 decimal fields that are frequently captured by the Nursers. Each time, they have to press the ?123 button to enter a numeric value. 

Teddy Herryanto There is an alternative solution. set the field Data Type to code or text and on the page field property set ExtendedDatatype = PhoneNo. This way the numeric phone keyboard will pop up.


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