Suggested Thu, 12 Apr 2018 13:28:14 GMT by Mike DearingNew
Category: Administration and Deployment

At https://home.dynamics.com, users can access their user preferences (gear icon in top right) to set an Auto-Launch URL. When navigating to https://home.dynamics.com?autolaunch=true, this will then navigate the user directly to the Auto-Launch URL specified, bypassing the app selector page. If programmatically accessible, this value could be auto populated for users, allowing administrators to provide their user base with 1 url to access Dynamics Online which would direct each user to the landing area that makes the most sense for them, a customized dynamics app or the default app for an organization.

Fulfilling this request would be most impactful to large user bases that have more than 1 app available for them, but 1 that would make the most sense to be considered their default app.