Very important functionality for brazil.


We need it very quickly


It should be an option to chose what address we need to add in invoice address section, which we already have in delivery address section



Definitely needed!


Similar to Shipping, user needs to have option to select alternate billing address. This is because in decentralized procurement departments of customers require account statement for their respective billing location.

Currently Customer Account Statement is available only Consolidated Customer level.


This request is for India Localization


If items same between list sale and list free , schemes was not working. I hope you don't limited this it. Tks!


You can configure category as discount line in the quantity discount, by which the discount is applied to the products included in the category. Retail discounts - Commerce | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce

Schemes was not applied when situation Category have over Units.

Ex: Category LACOSTE : item A(pcs), item B(prs)

Buy over 2 items from category will discount 20% all line.

  • Buy A +B => discount not working
  • Buy over 2A or over 2B => Applied discount

If you don't limit Units for Lines i think is better for our business. Tks



Requirement 1: Buy for X SEK from category Fashion and get item Y for free.

As a part of 10.0.16, now the "Line spec" option of the Mix and match discount has an option to choose a discount amount.

If you don't limit items on category Fashion that will be better. Our company often schemes:

  • Buy for X amout (100usd) from Category (items: A,B,C,D,E.F.....) and get free item A or B or C. which mean duplicated items in both list items for sale and list items for free.

Ex:Buy over 50 usd from list (A(20usd),B(20usd),C(20usd),D,E,F) and get free item A or B.

A transaction : Buy A +B+C >50usd when add 01 item A , it's will be apllied 100%

A+B+C(Original price) + A(Discount 100%)

I think category for sale no need check items duplicated with items for free is better.


Since the only way to work with proxies is .net at the moment and .net does not allign with the Universal Code Initiative, I think this is not just an Idea, it is a critical missing feature.