This is out of date considering the shift to GitHub. Can be closed.

The original post was referring to classic pipelines in Azure DevOps.


From partner: Ability to create custom reports and drill down to specific transactions from within them as well as the ability to export the reports. This should be in the DFP portal and not a separate app.


We need this function, and I'm having to create my own extensions to create it because it's not in the base application.


This idea is date 2018 but still a great idea, any possibility that will be taken in consideration soon?


Sorry "Quote Product" fields, relationship additional fields in the Managed mapping from Products, should include Vendor / Stock on Hand etc


I have had this requirement many times.


We get the same complaint from a customer. IT would be nice if Microsoft could solve this in the kernel.

In our case the customer is also doing the same thing, but on an ISV form. However as this is a 'kernel' thing, it doesn't really matter on which form this is.



Would facilitate a lot as we must use time and effort consuming workarounds


It's a great and much sought after idea. The current implementation is only partly a solution.

Many extensions that are better already exists:

8 apps for Master Data Management in Business Central in 2022 (usedynamics.com)

Now what we need is:

  1. Ability to setup, control and review all master data from a single company - like F&SC/F&O. Pulling data moves the issues into many companies that must be logged into every time to setup and debug.
  2. It cannot pull data from files or other databases/environments. It does not support localized environments which is often used by multi-company setups.
  3. It does not support "Delete" or "Rename". The explaination for this is that it should not delete data in a company with entries etc. but this could easily be supported by insert/modify/delete/rename triggers.


I agree, all of our users do not understand why not every field that is in the customer card, is even possible to add true Personalization...

What is the problem here? And there are a lot of tables outside customer or vendor that also have this problem. (i.e. posted service invoice, ...)

It could be such a great opportunity for users to personalise there table themselfs, but now most of the fields that are available, are not used because they have no value...

Why not add this simple (?!) opportunity, if it is possible with VAT field, why not with the rest...

Very disapointing


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