We also need this. Vendors are delivering goods on specific weekdays.

Currently we have done a modification for the classic MRP. This includes:

  • option of adding a receipt calendar for the vendor.
  • using dynamic coverage period to encounter for vendor opening days.
  • adding a fixed receipt calendar in the Item coverage to handle transfer orders on fixed weekdays.

Kindly address the above issues in the Planning optimization engine so we can avoid addressing this again.


I completely agree with and support those who would require this as part of the standard system (in the UK anyway).


Hello Sonny Pawchuk,

I think that as user you don't need Visual Studio for design layout. You can use Report Builder. Or you can just edit *.rdl as plain text.

On my Yammer post you can see it:


Preview of report is just about join RLDC Layout + DataSet Data.

This can be done by simple WinForm app using "Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer".

this.reportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportPath = _rdlcFile; // load rldc file

this.reportViewer1.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(reportDataSource); // load dataset (DataSet.xml)

this.reportViewer1.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local;

this.reportViewer1.LocalReport.SetParameters(parameters); // load parameters (labels)

this.reportViewer1.RefreshReport(); // refresh report preview

If Microsoft provide DataSet like in NAV... It again enables possibility to do real-time report preview in design time. Also it enables better RDLC report troubleshooting. Imagine that you have production enviroment, where report layout is bad. You can export DataSet (Xml) and then you can do design layout on your local...



I was literally looking for this myself yesterday when creating email templates


Our customer is in need of this feature and right now they are looking for a workaround. Should be implemented in all Versions alive if possible...


I totally agree and in this example we see also that the Service Module is forgotten all the time


Let's hope this will be added!


Exactly the same when we talk about countries, regions, cities....

IF your view shows a determined country, you have in the filter for Regions all regions in all countries. Once you selected the region, then you have all cities in all regions.

Must be a dynamic filtering, making only possible to select the filter for the available data shown in the current view.


This is also valid for many other tables. Let's say that we are in an account view. The listed account are i.e from US When I want to filter per regions, all regions worldwide appears, not only the ones from US.


I agree with above, and would just like to add an argument to the decission making. We are 7 weeks into our use of BC with +30 users and even though we have been thorough with user rights management too many users can still change a customer or an item and does so by accident every day...

Especially customer name and item name seems to disappear because the user often places the cursor in this field so a simple backspace, delete or as the text in the field is already highlighted any normal key and the original text is exchanged for a letter or nothing...

Undo very often fixes the situation but why have the drama if already existing functionality just have to be either defined in rights, setup or even as a part of "Personalize". EVEN BETTER why not just save my choice so if i press the pencil in the top to toggle between read and edit, then let me start in same mode as I left that view or table in last time I was there.

Basically just give me a choice - no matter how or where.