Please update the experience entry as the current info is not up to date.


It would be very nice to have the possibility to Create a template based on HTML. This can be more flexible then Word templates


I agree, should be linked to print management.


We recently had this issue on an implementation where data entities were not available for detours/mds. It became a massively time consuming task to recreate the steps between environments and would only increase on larger projects. I can see this becoming a bigger requirement in the future as detours/mds are used more often. I believe this should be considered for the roadmap.


Hi Aleksandar,

I can also confirm the same requirement as Durwin explained. This an absolute necessity for Irish customers.

All Irish companies doing business in UK must submit their VAT statement to HMRC vis Making Tax Digital (MTD).

We used to create customer's instance with GB as location to get the MTD available to the customer. Which is not possible anymore because of Brexit. Because, creating customer's instance with GB location would get Azure Datacentre located in UK. Which is not permitted under EU rule.

Therefore, having MTD available for Irish customer has become a necessity now.

I can also confirm that no additional modification is required for MTD to work for Irish customer. We have tested this before in old NAV. Taking MTD related objects and deploying in W1 NAV worked.

It would really be helpful if you could make MTD available for Irish instances, please.

Best Regards,



It also overlaps with this Idea as well: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=ff2f8696-0f95-ea11-99e5-0003ff68a0e8

The dragging and dropping of attachments should be possible in the entire D365 F&SCM solution where attachments are used.


Allowing users reactivate a lead after 90 days. For example, a lead is currently not interested but in 6 months they may consider it gain. By allowing the user to set the due date of the activity to 6 months the lead remain active for the future date.


Alot of clients have been asking for this back, now that more and more people are testing out the new look. and its one of those immediate items that make them switch back to the old look. Not sure why Microsoft thought it was a good idea to get rid of this feature, but please add it back.

At least for the time being, companies that want to move forward with the new look, you can switch the default view component to the Power Apps Edit/View Component, and you get the option to select all and do color choice fields etc. Looks really good on Work Order view and other areas.




Yes, this is quite handy, if get fixed. especially, where all users are using via web.


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