We are experiencing the same issue. I'm wondering why Microsoft chose to implement the option to create translations for charges but didn't took the effort to make this actually work out of the box.

Displaying the charges in the user language for the worker to view would be most logical.

And while generating any output from this charge to use the language from the customer account.


Our customer manufactures machinery and huge metal constructions and steel is a vital part for raw materials. Just a few % waste or wrong usage will mean the difference of continuing business or not.


Making the flexible reservation work really should have been done already. It has existed for two years now. Does the Product Group does find it enough relevant for the market to alter or improve it, i.e. make it work as broadly expected?


From a reservation point of view it is only fair to expect that it will work no matter which demand order that expresses the requested item quantity. The origin for expressing demands, i.e. sales order lines, transfer order lines, BOM-lines on productions, have inventory transactions upon which call for demand of item quantity is represented in net requirement calculations and/or reservations. Seeing it from the side of inventory transactions there is no reason to think that flexible reservation should not work.


Excellent concept; this would be very useful to enhance process



is the same case with vendor payment too?




Very good suggestion!


This is a very important missing feature. I can't remember how many times I had to change the approval administrator to troubleshoot issues with approval workflows.



Yes, this is something needed, not only manage one prepayment on purchase order or sale order.

Now, the only way I am suggesting to make this possible, by having the right accounting process in deposit or prepaid G/L account, is to use Blanket order to follow all prepayments:

Line 1: G/L deposit 30%, create one purchase order for this line only, post the receive and invoice and then create the payment

Line 2: G/L deposit 70% create one purchase order for this line only, post the receive and invoice and then create the payment

Line 3: Item ordered with the right qty and cost

Line 4: GL deposit 100%in negative

Then line 3 and 4 are converted in Purchase order to net the total amount to pay (with or without Quebec taxes), receive and invoice both line in condition that the deposit amount is not higher of the invoice total. If so, I am creating a credit note of the total deposit made and after I will applied the credit document to the invoice.

So if you can consider add to the road map the possibility to create more than 1 prepayment by purchase or sale order and also make possible to correct the purchase order if the qty or cost is changing in final receipt and invoice, it will be appreciated.



Originally yes but I agree with what you are saying. Should be added to all areas of sales and flow from one to another. Good idea.


It would also be nice to have a setting into vscode to exclude some folders/files from just the code analyzers.