REMARK: Some transportation may include refrigeration regulated temperature... if items may not arrive within time+temperature+weather conditions... or other. there is potential risk of sampling or on receipts on vendor purchase orders.


REMARK: Example: Sampling method and legal entity and/or user sample selection for:

-Production orders on quantity quality assurance and/or approved testing releases (e.g. finished goods, BOMs, routes, scraps, batches, quantities, operators, production lines, floor releases).

-Projects (e.g. vendors and customer within a production order).

-Customers (e.g. customer production order).

-Vendors (e.g. vendors applied or incurred in a production order).

-Warehouse stored items (e.g. Items already stored, purpose of preventions)

-Quarantine items (e.g. Items in progress... purpose of prevention o purpose of efficient authorized receipts)


Not featuring an inclusion of preventions, we may not easily foresee the potential future or future potential problems preventions, including at time of purchase order receipts. (receipt conditions at warehouse, or on quarantine).


The solution would benefit from rights for the manager to add onboarding/offboarding checklists/tasks via Employee Self Service as opposed to HR getting involved in all the administration. Scenario : Mgr adds task for IT to set up rights to specific folders, IT to set up laptop


It would also be nice if we could select different layouts direct from Sales Document.


If we have different Quote Templates, When creating a Quote we can select different Layouts based of witch kind of quote we are writing.


I should look at the Vendor setup to printing payments and not just Purchase Order Payments. This is another type of transactions for payment and should follow the vendor's payment method when processing Purchase Order Payments.


Actually, it seems that it does on certain platform versions.

We just need to identify which ones.


Please reconsider this -- if we quoted a customer last month and got the order today, when we convert to an order it should automatically change the order date to the conversion date as Nikolay has suggested. The planned shipment dates on the lines should also be changed to the conversion date and not the quote's original order date as they do now. Keeping the quote date as the order date makes it look like we have had orders sitting open for weeks when that isn't the case. Thank you.


Definitely a must have, user experience suffers greatly because of this issue, should be a no brainer to fix this.


I have posted the same idea here: Microsoft Idea (dynamics.com)

Please hit vote so we can get it into the system roadmap :-)




I also hope that this feature will be implemented soon.


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