Hello, this is pretty important for many customers, as they are sending Teams for several days. So booking requirement groups multi-day would be very nice. Are there any updates on the timeline?


Agree, this is a must to have feature in the tool.


Thanks Sai for raising this concern. It's very cumbersome to create a record which has dependencies from scratch when it got deleted accidently. Record with dependencies in model app have remove option but many a time user inadvertently click on top record level delete button and it delete the whole record vs dependent table sub-record.

Appreciate if microsoft team fix this feature as they did in sharepoint when user have an option to retive record back in case it got deleted


Links dependence on version is a nightmare for us. We may add 5-6 related articles on the "Related Information" tab to compensate inability of creating a table of content. As soon as related article is updated, it is not displayed on the front-end anymore. Instead of 5-6 related articles, we see only 1 or 2.

When we refer another article inside the body of the article, the link doesn't depend on the version.

Why can't you provide the same behavior for related articles links?

This bug also significantly affects references to internal articles which we don't display on the front-end. Linking to related articles in totally useless in this case.

Please consider fixing this bug!



This is for Sales Accelerator Sequences. The automated email function has been left out of Contact sequences and only available for Leads.


It's a little wider than that as there are many reasons why an engineer can't complete the Work Order and needs another booking.

  • no Access
  • Part needs to be Ordered
  • More time required to finish the job
  • Other tools required
  • etc

There is no way of doing this at the moment. You can cancel the booking, but it isn't actually cancelled at all and then you can re-book. If you set the booking to complete, it set's the work order to complete and you can't reverse out of this. So we need Booking Statuses of 'No Access' etc with a new FS status of 'Incomplete' that allows new Bookings to be created. Or a Booking Status 'Incomplete' with FS status of 'Incomplete' and substatuses of 'No Access' etc.


Would be easy at a minimum to allow option to send from owner of record or owner of sequence. now it's only owner of record


We have only just recently moved across to the system and I am utterly bewildered this is not already a feature.

The fact that its not already on the road map and requires votes I also don't understand.

As far as I an tell without this feature there is no good way of processing a credit/adj note for faulty stock sold to a customer without having to implement some sort of elaborate work around..

How does any business that deals with multiple stock items, deal with this now?


This would be a huge benefit for us (Patagonia). We use an ISV solution for taxes in North America. It's been painful for years. The ISV we use has a solid SaaS platform for tax calculations, but they aren't experts at integrating that into D365. We've had to reverse engineer and help fix various aspects of their solution over the last 4 years. Things are somewhat stable (albeit not that performant) in HQ, but we're still struggling with retail.

For example, in retail, buy online and return in store does not work when returning in a different state. The ISV is just getting a fix to this in the next month or two, after we reported it a couple years ago. We as a company have to work with the IRS to consistently fix these tax issues and it costs us a LOT of money to cover/correct the differences. Multiple headcount on our accounting team, unhappy business users, incorrect taxes for customers, and a boatload of BA/Dev time to try to fix things. Not only that, but we can't even use offline mode for mPOS due to issues in the ISV's solution. Same applies to moving to CommerceSDK - we're stuck on RetailSDK until the ISV supports the new packaging model.

Requiring an ISV focused on providing tax services to be experts in D365's sprawling infrastructure and development ALM to get a vaguely workable omnichannel solution is a black eye on D365 F&O and Commerce. Let the SaaS companies focus on providing tax solutions. Give them (or partners) an easy way to hook into the tax engine.


We have a few examples:

  • Here is a list of all the recent cases you have submitted with us (only want to show active cases from the last 2 months)
  • Here is a list of all the closed projects we have completed with you this month (show a list of only the closed projects from the last month, not the active ones)
  • Here is a list of all the products you purchased last that have a recall (recall is custom entity related to products)
  • Here are all the Accounts you are associated with (N:1:N Accounts, Account relationship, Contacts; They want to send a list of Accounts that are active, and the Account relationship has Owner (this is an option set on Account Relationship))

You can do these kinds of filters in views on a Dynamics portal.. we would also want to include that option to do this in the body of an email.


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