Agreed would be extremely helpful and efficient!


We're running into it as well. It's a pretty sad state for MS's "Enterprise ERP"....can't even support a saved view. The crickets are what's most concerning and unacceptable.

We were literally trying to get this down to two filters...nothing fancy and when you click from the tile, all we get is "unable to load query due to security restriction." Which is hilarious when you receive that message, signed in as a SysAdmin.

MS needs to address this....somehow.


Thanks for posting this Vanessa!.

Indeed in NL at least you can go wrong when importing bank statements in Payment Reconciliation Journal.

Bank statement lines are skipped from importing when the EndToEndID contains same content that was previously also imported in another statement. In NL for instance the standard word “Non-ref” is used when transferring money to one of the companies your own bank. 

This won't happen when system checks for the tag AcctSvcrRef.

Best regards,

Coen Overgaag


It has been 5 years now and this is still under review. I've bumped into this gap twice this week. It's a basic requirement to have since MOQ's can absolutely differ per vendor and customer! Our customers and we ourselves are in disbelief that D365F&O still hasn't come up with an update.


Hi Danis,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, we thought about using Azure Blob Storage, but maintaining this solution isn't much easier.

First of all - we would need to host it.

Second of all - we would need to either make this ABS public (so anyone could run GET method), which is terrible idea or we would have to include the authentication token somewhere in the code, which also isn't great.

Anyway, I think that the "Initialization data" is an integral part of the application, so I don't see a problem with updating the version of the application when this data changes.


It seems that the portuguese population number and the economy may explain why we do not have a portuguese localization yet.

But dear Microsoft, did you know that Portugal is a platform for european connection to african countries?

Did you know that six african countries have the same language, and most important to this subject, a similar fiscal and accounting structure based on Portuguese accounting and fiscal structure?

Please think about not only the ten milion actual portuguese population but add up 67 milion more that, with little effort,would benefit from portuguese localization. Its almost 80 milion people...

These countries were portuguese colonies so we have a strong economical and cultural connection still today.


Should be fixed by this: https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details?kb=0&bugId=819274&dbType=3


We get this requirement quite common where customer want to search Released Products/ Stock On Hand by "Product Attributes".

This would be very helpful. Thanks


Agree with all previous comments, especially the functionality being available in all kinds of picking scenarios.

Experiencing a challenge in a scenario where containers are filled during production RAF to individual license plates, then parent license plate building would be completed, then transfer order is needed from one warehouse to another. Being unable to pick to the transfer and then receive the transfer from the parent license plate is creating a large volume of non value added scans in the process.


Totally agree. A business should be able to add their warehouses and easily see how far away the resources are from this on the schedule board map.

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