Any News regarding exteded feature for this functionality - For all producers in Process industry this is a feature required as no production ends up with a full unit.


This could be run off Asset Property data to make the solution adaptable to different scenarios.

Related to this we have an asset property for machine cycle counts where we forecast what the current cycle count approximately is based on previously recorded data re-calculated each week.


Some of the short message that come up in Dynamics indicating a problem with an index key or some setup item is sometimes really confusing and so cryptic it is hard figure out where you need to go to fix the issue. Having a hyperlink right in the error message taking you right to the screen in Dynamics where you fix the issue would sure be helpful and save a lot of time. Sometimes trying to find the error message on that boards or in the documentation can be really time consuming.


We should be able to print a proforma regardless of the account status. Proforma is an invoice prior to shipping and removing an account of the hold and putting the account back on hold can cause a situation where the orders ships prior to receiving payment.

Is there any plan to allow proformas to generate when an account is on hold? Can this be an option in the Credit Parameters or in the Accounts receivable Parameters that YES or NO proformas can be created when accounts are on hold?

I'm positive this is an issue for most manufacturing.


Why is there no option to add the Business Unit field onto a IC General Journal?

(ie this field is not available on the personalisation field list)

I have a consolidated balance sheet, with the entity by entity analysis against it, with 4 companies.

The (ordinary) general journal has the Business Unit field available.

If I post a two line journal:

(say Line 1 Cr TR Drs -10000 Business Unit Entity 1)

(Line 2 Dr TR Crs 10000 Business Unit Entity 2)

The total consolidated balances of Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors are reduced by 10000,

but the balances of the Trade debtors for Entity 1 and the Trade creditors for Entity 2 remain unchanged.


even a copy of the title, priority and the other common headings would be nice.


I expected this to be basic functionality on a Microsoft product and was very disappointed to see that we have to copy and paste BOMs into excel then deal with formatting, rather than having an export that works with multiple BOM levels.


yes, we need this functionality asap!


Agree with this. Order tags especially are a core part of Shopify and useful for triggering actions downstream.


Awesome idea. Much more user friendly. This should be implemented in all departments. Sales, purchases, Journals etc


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