Hi guys

I have also voted this post and waited for a long time.

I personally contacted support and found out that they can handle my request under the name Classic Offline Mode.

It seems that Power Apps was already implemented around February 2023.

The specific operation is that users can switch between online and offline at their discretion.

In addition, even if you suddenly lose the Internet, you can still use applications without having to switch voluntarily. In addition, automatically updated information will be placed in a pending state and will be synchronized to the server side when you return online.

We have already moved this feature into production and are using it successfully.


Enable bulk (Multiple) selection for attachments on selected (Bulk) fixed assets instead of one by one, want the file to be taken with each Fixed asset number then has to be uploaded on respective fixed asset, this would be a huge time saver, our users would love it!

Please make this easier for our users, now it's consuming too much time to upload one by one.

Can we have an update on when this is planned for?


100% Agree.


This would be extremely helpful to users to find which legal entity a product has been released into without having to go to each legal entity and search in the Released products table.


further comment...this functionality should be extended to sales order entry, not just the released products form.


Suggestion for developer: allow user community to filter on product lifecycle status' to include or not include in the product search criteria. I would not want discontinued items to show up in the search results. This would be highly helpful.


Include: user/creationDate, user/updateDate, productList/purchasePrice, productList/quantity. This info should also be included in export.


I agree on this. Our client is a Pharma company and plans 4 years ahead due to long lead times of the products. Due to the long lead time, they often run into scenarios where they change their vendors and warehouses within the planning window.

It would actually be good to also support a from/to date on default order settings, to cater for the cutover of warehouses and make sure that new sales orders in the future are placed against the right warehouse.


I have a lot of clients who would like an improved way to reverse an invoice. It does not have to reverse the product that was received, just the invoice. Clients have booked an invoice to the wrong PO and there is no easy solution but to do many steps for a simple error. Often a large criticism against D365


Upvoting this. My understanding is that min/max keys are still supported by planning optimisation, however the parameter "Minimum periods", that allowed to have a dynamic/rolling safety stock (different for each month, rather than static for all months) is not supported in planning optimisation anymore. From my experience I do not see much value in min/max keys alone without minimum periods, as they cannot be used to make the safety stock dynamic/rolling (different for each month).

Our client is a pharma manufacturer and has governmental recommendations (in spain even regulations) to hold at least x months of forecast as a safety stock. We are currently using the min/max keys to cover this requirement and it's been brilliant to cover this requirement. Their whole planning in Europe and APAC is based on this principle.

The removal of this feature puts us in a very hard position to move to planning optimisation. It would be great to see it on the roadmap, as it has been a good feature.


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