Project stages can be very powerful to drive consistency of process when it comes to project setup, providing the ability to route the project setup to the different parts of the organisation who may have oversight either to the operation or financial aspects of the Project. 

The downside of the functionality as is currently, is that although you can configure the the possible actions of each project stage, you do not have the ability to restrict who has control of the project stage, either by user group or security role. 

Many times this have had to be a custom development. 


Can we have to ability to control the access to the project stages either through security (User Group and/or Security roles) or have them controlled by workflow when moving from one stage to the other. 

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! This has been added to our roadmap and will be considered for a future release.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting 




I agree with Kofi.

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