our customer requested something similiar to this from us.

We have several Power Platform Environments.

For each of those we activated the "Data Export" Feature to export Data into it's own Azure Application Insights Instance.

We now have a new requirement to use "Azure Private Link Scopes" to allow data ingestion into App Insights only from the VNET.

We activated this private link scope on App Insights by setting the toggle buttons in the Azure Portal.

Now after setting that up, our App Insights instance do not receive Power Platform data anymore.

It worked before.

We already talked to the Power Platform support team and they confirmed to us, that this is not currently supported (TrackingID#2311160050004936)

Therefore we support this request and think it should be possible for Power Platform environments to communicate via private networks (VNET).

Best regards



As per the existing design of the subscription billing feature, the deferral schedule is created in the accounting currency, However, the client is required to know what transaction currency is used in the sales order invoice and billing schedule.

The recognition process should include the original transaction currency and actual exchange rate.


Hi Microsoft team,

In order to complete a thorough regression test with both standard and customized function before each upgrade, it takes at least 6 weeks for us. However the general available date to auto update date of each version is usually least than out required time.

Therefore, only option available for us is to upgrade with latest version minus 1 before the upgrade deadline. Under the new pause update rules, we are facing 1-2 times additional upgrade which leads to major workload increment to both our IS team and Users.


I have included the missing setcurrentkey command in the comment below


    local procedure GetPaidSalesInvoices(var CustLedgerEntry: Record "Cust. Ledger Entry")


CustLedgerEntry.Setcurrentkey(“Document Type", Open, "Posting Date", "Closed at Date");

        CustLedgerEntry.SetRange("Document Type", CustLedgerEntry."Document Type"::Invoice);

        CustLedgerEntry.SetRange(Open, false);

        CustLedgerEntry.SetRange("Posting Date", CalcDate('', GetDefaultWorkDate()), GetDefaultWorkDate());

        CustLedgerEntry.SetRange("Closed at Date", CalcDate('', GetDefaultWorkDate()), GetDefaultWorkDate());



The following AL code is slow as a result

AppObjectType: CodeUnit

 AppObjectId: 1311

 AL CallStack: "Activities Mgt."(CodeUnit 1311).CalcAverageCollectionDays line 8 - Base Application by Microsoft

"O365 Activities Dictionary"(CodeUnit 1310).OnRun(Trigger) line 9 - Base Application by Microsoft


Rename "XML Port" data type to "Data Port" and add JSON support please.


In the above scenario the user should be picking 10 but is having to confirm 14 in total on the screen. There is significant potential that users will pick 14 rather than 10 leading to over picks and stock discrepancies.


It is very confusing to have a description that does not match the entries for the additional lines. Thank you for correcting this!




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