Yes! much needed. RTM has some nice new features but still a lot of development to be done.


Anything that save time and money and makes our job easier, I'm all for. Mahalo!


Olwin, there's a new Quality Inspector module from Insight Works.


This would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. This would help our fee collectors be successful and assist our remitters on the back end from having to do a bunch of corrections, thus saving time and money.


If a single location has many license plates within a single location the current method of entering a count for all of that item within that location (across all of the LPs within that location) does not work well. Ideally would be able to scan each LP within the location to validate during cycle counting.


Issue has not been resolved we need resolution to this issue please reopen and fix it.



The problem is the unavailability to run as a different user. While creating a job has the user id of a consultant or employee as default then I claim that it should be possible to run with a different user. Specially this is a problem with interfaces where some employee has restarted a job where it should have been a special "interface" user id. Also this is important for job queues to run code and interface to other systems with a special user then it is not smart that the user id = employee.

On the other hand Elbek & Vejrup A/S has an app Extended Job Queue to solve this user name issue.

Just make it possible to configure and restart the job entries without changing the User ID. It should not be a big development task.

Go fix asap :-)



  1. I've asked for the Italian localization;
  2. OK
  3. The sales withholding tax should be calculate or when posting the invoice or similar as now is implemented for purchase transactions when posting the payment in Cash Receipt Journal.

The withholding code is applied for some specific kind of customers, a typical example is when selling to apartment buildings or also some freelance.


best regards.



When looking in issue search there are lot of bugs showing that are not anymore relevant as per D365 version design.

Access to history maybe valuable but issue search should be filter by D365 version. (supported / next version).

Some bugs are not at all relevant as solved on version 7 or 8 that are not anymore on market


I agree, should be linked to print management.


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