This has been raised as the number one concern of our users who are transitioning from AX 2012. They are concerned at how much longer it takes to make an attachment, compared to just being able to drag-and-drop a file into attachments.


I miss UNIT

How can there be a lack of unity, when open in Excel, on the items when making an counting?


Problem is solved when Production information management parameter > Product attributes > Update Shipping Print text Items is switch on.

MS case TrackingID#2207130050000394. Case will be closed.

Remaining product improvement areas:

Issues with the parameter Update Shipping Print text Items:

  • The parameter label is unclear
  • The parameter has no help text
  • The parameter label Randomly Uses capitals
  • Microsoft docs should describe this parameter in the section of the material code and the material group code.
  • I would rather have a parameter Hazardous material initialization where you can specify No / Prompt / Automatic


That's a good idea! Today, assets that have been reclassified are still shown in the physical inventory worksheet or in the list when you're selling an asset using a free-text invoice. There should be a clear indication on the asset when it has been reclassified (not only on the transactions) and the system should exclude it from such processes.


More details:

The balance sheet and IE statement is a comprehensive, integrated report, which has a main page with headings. Each heading is linked to schedules, sub-schedules. The format is as prescribed by Government of India and adherence to this format is mandatory.

Using MR, we can configure the main page as a separate report and the individual schedules as separate standalone reports. This defeats the purpose that the figures on the main page has to always be derived from the figures in the respective schedules mentioned against each heading in the main page.

Hence a provision to link the lines on one report as an aggregation of lines in a separate report is required.


Capture a receipt using OCR | Microsoft Docs as per the documentation it is only supported in the EU partially and only for english receipts only. Please, prioritize as it is a common need from existing customers to adopt the solution or by prospect customers among their business needs.


This is a long time need asked by several customers.

In order to be able to discard paper and not to store for over 10 years (vendor invoices or expense receipts), the software in Spain must be certified by the AEAT (Agencia Tributaria de España). This need is usually asked when competing with other software vendors and comparing their expense management applications. Also, when there is a opportunity to move/migrate from other software such as Concur.

Agencia Tributaria: Homologación de software de digitalización certificado de facturas.


If a solution for this does get developed, please make sure it supports Customers as well, since the problem with data in the tables references also prevents deleting customers, even in cases where the customer have had no transactions.


This is possible if you build a formula in Excel to define the data for the field based on other data such as visit every day/week/month/year and the interval. We have done it for simple situations (visit every x months) but the formula could be extended to cover more scenarios.