Hello Business Central Team,

I am sorry, but as you said:

"It seems that requested feature has meanwhile been made available" is so not correct.

The feature you need is not yet included in BC and would still need to be integrated by Microsoft.

In the link you provided, the web page shows this text:

"To define that an approval request requires that multiple equal users approve it, irrespective of a hierarchy, set up a flat workflow user group by assigning the same sequence number to all the relevant approvers."

The function is good and is also needed, but in addition you also need the function:

It should be possible to specify that an approval request can be approved by "one user" in a user group, regardless of hierarchy, rather than each of the users having to approve.

I.e. all users in the user group can approve, as soon as "one" has approved the approval request is completed.

The functionality is needed, as already written, for team in the times everyone is not there, e.g. in the case of illness, vacation, etc..


I honestly cannot recall the number of implementations where this has been a much-needed feature. Bring it back Microsoft! Be a hero!


Having worked with the Scaptify and Shopify Connector.

Add "State Source" selection to Order Processing like Customer Synchronization has already.

Currently the Shopify XML has both State Name and State Abbreviation (Code). Currently orders pull State Name into the Order and therefore the Sales Order rather than the code. Many Pack and Ship solutions cannot handle name, only the state 2 character code. Currently have PTE Code to Convert it on the Sales Order to work around this issue.

Otherwise, a hook before Sales Document Creation could help some of this be more streamlined.


Hoping 26 votes is enough to get this reviewed - maintaining PLS in three spaces is a cumbersome.


Additionnally there is the need to provide an option to restrict access for extended reports (managers) to performance goals.


Must have! Especially related with https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=44a4f5a2-7250-e911-867a-0003ff68934c


Must have! Most business rely on consignment strategy and also use advanced warehouse management. Looking forward for this!


Absolutely! Thanks for submitting this idea.

For now, our survey designers are dependent on the IT team: they often don't have the skills to configure a flow to retrieve the info from Dynamics entities and match them with the survey's personalised variables.


Print or download would be very helpful indeed. Just as easily as it can be done in Forms Pro! Thanks


This is so frustrating and cannot be good for the performance.

The latest error is one of my favorites: 

msdyn_customcontrolextendedsettings With Id = {myuserid} Does Not Exist

it tries to read the msdyn_customcontrolextendedsettings record with my userid.


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