Frequently Asked Questions


Use the following information for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Social Engagement, Parature and all associated Dynamics 365 families of products and solutions.

Q. Why does Microsoft encourage customers and partners to submit suggestions to the Dynamics 365 Ideas website?
A. Enabling users to submit product ideas and suggestions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas provides the following benefits:
  • Thanks to the public, open forum, a large number of people can submit ideas and suggestions.
  • Community members can vote on features suggested by others, as well as provide product functionality workarounds.
  • Customers and partners get an easier way to view ideas and suggestions already submitted by other community members.
  • Future versions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of products and solutions will be built with a better understanding of customer and partner needs.
  • Ideas and suggestions about product features and enhancements can be submitted any time of the day or night.
Q. How do I submit a suggestion?
A. To submit a suggestion, sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas with your Microsoft account.

Need a Microsoft account? Create one.

Before you submit your suggestion, search to see whether another community member has already entered a similar idea or suggestion. If a similar one already exists, you can use the voting mechanism to add your voice to the suggestion.

If a similar suggestion hasn’t been submitted, click the Create New button, select the appropriate category, type in your idea or suggestion, and click Submit.

Q. Can I see a list of all submissions for an individual product?
A.Yes! In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas site, you can view all publicly available suggestions by selecting the forum and category you like.
Q. Can I see a list of product suggestions and ideas I have submitted?
A.Yes. To do this, sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas and select “My Feedback” and you’ll see all your submissions.
Q. How can I vote on a submission?
A. First, locate the submission you have an opinion on. Click the Up arrow to vote for the idea or suggestion, or click the Down arrow to vote against it. You’re allowed to vote once for an idea and your vote can’t be changed.
Q. What happens to my product ideas and suggestions?
A. Your suggestion is delivered directly to the appropriate product development team based on the product line you specify. This process ensures that customers and partners can help shape how future versions of our software will work. During the planning phase, each product development team considers suggestions as possible new features for the next release.
Q. Why hasn’t anyone from Microsoft responded to my submission?
A. Microsoft Dynamics product development teams strive to respond to suggestions submitted on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas site.
Q. What happened to the suggestions submitted previously via the public newsgroups?
A. These suggestions aren’t viewable via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ideas and we are no longer accepting product suggestions via the public newsgroups. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please re-submit suggestions here.
Q. How do I report product bugs or defects instead of product ideas and suggestions?
Microsoft Dynamics Product Support Page A. To report a bug or product defect, please contact Microsoft Product Support. Use the Microsoft Ideas site only to submit product ideas and suggestions.
Q. Can I submit suggestions about the product documentation on Dynamics 365 Ideas?
A. Yes, we also welcome your ideas and suggestions about the product documentation. Click the Create New button, select the appropriate product, choose the Product Documentation category, type in your idea or suggestion, and click Submit.
Q. What is the definition of Top, Hot and New Ideas?
  • New Ideas: Most recently submitted ideas.
  • Top Ideas: Ideas with the greatest number of positive votes.
  • Hot Ideas: Ideas with the greatest number of total votes.