• Enable the Inactive Items checkbox for the Item Price List reports to fuction

    Print Item Price List report { Reports | Inventory | Item } a. Report: Item Price List b. Click Modify on the Demo option c. Make sure the Inactive Items checkbox is not marked d. Print Would like the report to restrict out the items based on report options selected.

  • Analytical Accounting information to post when using the same account for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold

    Typically you see customers set up the GL Account for Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold as separate accounts. We do not track Inventory in GL so we have the system setup to use the same account for both. When we do this, the AA required information does not default to the SOP invoice. Transaction Dimension and Code are not present on Inventory and COGS distributions. If I use separate Inventory and COGS accounts for items then it all works in AA as expected.
  • Import / Export Workflows

    Add some kind of Workflow export/import so we can more easily troubleshoot complex workflows. This would also give customers a way of ‘backing up’ their complex workflows. Some of our customers are running hundreds of steps at a time, making ‘just rebuild it’ very difficult but it’s a very common resolution to sporadic issues.
  • Ability to End Web Management sessions

    Being able to end multiple sessions at once in Web Management Console. Would be nice if users had more control over this. The web admins want to be able to be more forceful in ending sessions, maybe this would be easier with the ‘light mode’ sessions?

  • light mode launch for Web Client Only

    Consider some sort of ‘light mode’ launch for Web Client Only users where only specific pieces load. Something that would be more mobile-friendly, too. We need something that is easier for users to modify what an employee sees or does not want them to see. A light mode launch of some kind where it doesn’t load everything, just enough to send the timecard/get paystub would be a great feature. I may not want to do W2's nor direct deposit just pay stubs but I have to keep all the links there, it is not easy to modify this.

  • Ability for Subtotal/Total information to update on a Fulfillment Order when backordered quantity is updated by an MO

    I'm trying to use Advanced Distribution and have set up a Fulfillment Order type. I'm also using Manufacturing and generating an MO from the sales order line. when the finished good is receipted on the MO, it allocates to the sales order. I then go to Order fulfillment to fulfill the order. The extended price on the sales order updates but the subtotal does not. I do not have this issue when I allocate and fulfill in stock inventory to the sales order. Only when it is coming from an MO. for the subtotal to update, you need to go run the reconcile on the SOP document and it updates the values, should it not just dynamically do this?
  • GP needs VAT electronic filing to be compliant with Making Tax Digital initiative

    The UK Governments Making Tax Digital initiative has started to be piloted and will be in affect within a year. More info on the initiative; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/making-tax-digital/overview-of-making-tax-digital
  • Have a Start date/ end date on a Pay Code like Benefit and Deduction codes

    It would be ideal to have a start and end date on pay codes like we do benefits and deductions, this would be less hassle for payroll groups to not have to go back and touch records.

  • Payroll - Voiding a DD check before the ACH file is submitted

    Many times we are all completed with payroll ready to send the file to the bank and we found an oops on 1 employee check, right now there is no way to get that check out of the direct deposit ach file, you have to call the bank, see if they will manually remove it or try to edit the file without causing issues. It would be nice if we had an option to remove a check from the ACH file, either through the VOID or a different option

  • HR Attendance allow to accrue by different options

    HR Attendance, allow to accrue by different options; dept, position or class ID