• Ability to view a form in D365O as another user

    Hi All,

    Facebook has a "View as" feature which lets users to view their profile as another person: http://www.wikihow.com/View-Your-Facebook-Timeline-As-Another-User

    This feature in D365O would greatly improve testing the security role configurations. Security/System administrator would be able to click on a "View as" button on any AX form and select a system user from a dropdown to view the form as that particular user.

    It would be great if you can add this to the road map.



  • Make D365O breadcrumb clickable as in Windows Explorer

    Hi All,

    It would be great if the angle brackets (<>) of breadcrumb in D365O would be clickable the same way as in Windows Explorer.

    For example, the user navigates to this path: Sales and marketing>Setup>Opportunities>Probability

    If the user clicks the bracket before Probability the menu elements under Opportunities would be shown (list of Probability, Prognosis, Reason, Sales process).

    That would speed up the navigation in D365O as far as I am concerned.