• Enhance Announcement entity to be Broadcast Message/Ticker functionality in CRM

    CRM lacks an application level message broadcast tool (similar to stock market ticker) that can float on top/below where important messages can be broadcast to the end users like the following;
    1) 20 calls in CTI queue (Contact Center).
    2) 1% higher interest for Fixed Deposits Signed this Month (Branches).
    3) Update all revenue forecast by this Friday for Q1 forecast reporting (Sales).
    4) Approve all Q1 budgeted Campaigns by today eod (Marketing).

    It would be nice if the above can be made visible based on department or team and color coded based on severity.

  • Enable assignment of Teams to Multiple Users. (Bulk team assignment through view.)

    Currently accounts can only be assigned to a single user or team. Its very common in Sales process that individuals are incrementally added to an Account during various phases of the account planning process. Currently what we do is to create dozens of teams with various combination of users which is inefficient and performance degrading.

  • CRM- Dependent Cascading Picklists

    CRM customers, especially in Service business have requirement for multiple levels of constrained picklist dropdown fields.
    Ex, Case SubType field's drop down values should be filtered based on the specific value selected in the Case Type field.

  • Inline editing data in a grid record

    Editing data in a grid record requires opening the record data in a separate form page, which impacts user productivity, adoption and customer handling time.

  • Dynamics CRM Page refreshes and freezes on clicking the Save button

    On clicking the 'Save' button for a record, the application takes a while, refreshes, freezes and reloads the record again.

  • Industry Verticals

    MS CRM lacks industry vertical functionalities. This is imperative for big enterprise pre-sales, solutioning and deployment initiatives.

  • Integration with Exchange For Oot Of Office Alert

    Sales Reps and Service Agents assigns data to others in the team/other teams expecting them to complete the action. But if they are not available during this period - the owners are un-aware and this breaches the customer SLA. Assigning of ownership change which can auto-alert/email the previous owner/manager if the new owner is out and how long she is out by checking her OOO message from Exchange server would be a nice way to tell our Microsoft Story.

  • Enable Audit For Record Read Function

    need to track audit for read access