• Interface GP with 64-bit Outlook

    Have both clients work with 64-bit Outlook instead of having to depend on the wonky and completly inadequate GP mail client.  A lot of email capabilities related to the contacts and formatting is lost.  


    May I suggest making GP a 64-bit program if it will help.  If a solution is not doable please stop promising that GP is compatible with 64-bit Office.

  • Sales invoice batch Navigation List

    I cannot believe I did not already find this request already, but please create a usable Navigation List for Sales Batches (Invoices primarily) similar to the one already available for RM invoice batches.
  • User selection of custom report dictionary when using web client

    Some sort of creative option in the web client to allow users to select a customer report dictionary would be terrific We have 4 report dictionaries users can access with four shortcuts on the desktop. I am currently not aware of any type of functionality with the web client. We cannot tie report dictionary to user and cannot rely on Word Templates because some functionality still does not work with templates. I will take any sort of creative option during the user login or company selection process.