• Prevent CRM Outlook Client from freezing

    Below is the steps to Reproduce the issue;
    1) Open an Existing CRM Record like an Account or Opportunity and make it maximized.
    2) back into Outlook
    3) Start a new email (type something in the body)
    4) Click the "X" button on the top of the new email window
    5) DON'T Answer the "Do you want to save changes?" (leave it on the screen)
    6) Now go to the taskbar and click on the CRM window from step 1
    7) The CRM window opens (maybe it shouldn't do this)
    8) The CRM Window will not respond to clicks (Computer just beeps) maybe it should bring the email window to the front.

  • Emails in Outlook that have URL links to CRM entities should open in the Outlook browser

    This might only be a problem with CRM 2011 IFD and the Outlook Client

    When you use the feature to "E-mail a link" to another CRM user, that link will open an IE browser window, instead of the integrated outlook browser. This causes the user to have to login again.

    What is worse, if the user has a default browsers of chrome/firefox Outlook will respect that and try to open it chrome/firefox which wont work.

  • Options dialog is too big and OK & Cancel button can't be clicked

    When running CRM in Outlook on a device that has low resolution and a high DPI. The CRM options dialog is too big for the screen and the Ok and Cancel button are hidden below the taskbar. The window can be resized, so there is no way for a user to click on Ok or Cancel.

    email me and I'll send you a screen shot

  • Outlook view settings (sorting) is not being saved on previously saved view

    From Outlook under the Accounts I have a custom view I created from CRM ( i called it "Custom" ). From Outlook I add conditional formatting and do a "Save As" ("Custom 2). From Outlook (using "custom 2") if I add sorting to the view setting and do another save as outlook is not saving the sorting changes

  • Show status while loading the Outlook plugin or speed it up.

    On a fast network this isn't a problem, you have to see it on a slow connection.

    When outlook is started it takes up to 1 to 2 minutes before you can access CRM. The CRM Ribbon is grey during this time, and the Button in Outlook navigation is missing.

    I see this when we go out to do onsite CRM training, where the network speed of the conference room isn't all that fast and we have 15-20 users. It could also be the laptop speed.

    This confuses end users that aren't familiar with how the Outlook plugin works. It would be great if the the plugin would show up in the navigation right away. and then if they clicked on it, it would show them a status screen of what was being loaded.

    Better yet, just make it load faster.

  • Allow Email to be tracked in CRM when it is sent and filed in a folder

    From outlook; if you create an email, track/set regarding in CRM, and file to folder other the "Sent Items" outlook will not track the email in CRM.

    To make matters worse, Outlook tells you that it's tracking the email by changing the icon of the email and putting a link (which doesn't work) at the bottom of the email

    I think this was introduced in CRM2011 RU4 or RU5

    For details and workarounds see -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2692477

    Suggest that the software is updated so that it tracks the email (at the very least, if it not being tracked, then don't change the icon and don't put a link at the bottom).

  • Restore Minimized Window when User Clicks to Open the Same Record

    In the Outlook Client
    Goto the account view
    Click to open the first account
    Minimize the account form
    from the account click to open the same account

    This is not typical workflow, but it's simplest way to reproduce this error.

    I see users get tripped up on this at every CRM training that I attend. And it's a big annoyance to experienced users.