• Process Stage attribute shows up as a GUID instead of a Lookup

    The Process Stage field (StageId) added to entities like Lead, Opportunity etc. presents the current process stage as a raw Guid. This makes it impossible to dashboard for example Opportunities by Process Stage, or to add Process Stage to views. These are high priority business requirements that can not be delivered at the moment. Furthermore any JavaScript code relying on the current Process Stage can not easily process the raw Guid value.

    This field should be presented like any other Lookup field. I believe this is a serious defect that should be addressed quickly before we have a proliferation of bad script starting to proliferate.

  • Adding Connections between Records in CRM 2013 Cumbersome and not in line with New User Experience

    One of the key features, the ability to Connect records with flexible relationships are currently difficult to access (Try opening the default Account form and find the way to Connect to another record... The average end-user will give up long before navigating to the associated view for Connections and then clicking on the Connect command).

    Clicking on the Connect command yields a pop-up dialog.

    Better would be to add Connections to the Quick Create menu on the account and use a Quick Create form, or perhaps better still would be to craft a way to add Connections from the social/notes control, similar to "Add Task". Coming to think of it, displaying Connections in another horizontal tab as a navigable tree view would be a great user experience, but that may be just me dreaming about too much...

  • New Site Map Navigation User Experience Usually Great, but Lacks Hierarchies

    I am a fan of the new navigation, but when faced with a Business Area like Settings, or in a larger implementation, perhaps a custom area called "Business Configuration" where one would typically locate many lookup entities that would be maintained by Business Administrators, the user experience breaks down.

    I would suggest easy configuration support for pages like Business Administration to present a next level of navigation.

  • Desire for Immediate Sync / Sync Interval in Seconds for Appointments from D365 to Exchange

    Some tracks or regardings are handeld "asynchronously" within 15 minutes. This should be synchronously or best-time (async within seconds)

  • Desire for Reducing Sync Time to Seconds for Appointments

    When an appointment is modified within CRM, we'd like to have the changes synced to Exchange best-time (seconds). Currently this is a 15 minute delay, which gives frustrations to the user. A user action should be propagated near-time. 
  • Auto-Tracking of Replies to Threads Already Being Tracked

    No auto-tracking on replies of tracked emails

  • Plugin Extensability Needed for Searches in App for Outlook

    KBC’s security model specifies that:


    1. All users in the Retail Bank should primary see and work with Clients (Contacts) from their home branch
    2. Quick Find and Categorised Search should be limited to the Contacts belonging to their branch
    3. They are however allowed to access any Client records (to deal with the use case of a Client walking in to a different branch from time to time)
    4. When the user searches for a Client outside his Home Branch, the Search should be reflected in the audit trail


    They have implemented this using:


    • A toolbar button where the user can toggle his Quick Find as a local (in-branch) or global search. This updates a flag on the User profile.
    • A RetrieveMultiple plugin that dynamically filters Client records returned by the Quick Find to just those that are within the branch, unless the flag on the user profile indicates that the user wants to do a global search – then the Search details is written to an audit entity, and the flag is reset.


    The App for Outlook does its searching for Tracking / Set Regarding without calling the RetrieveMultiple – so the subfiltering is not working for them in that context.


    Their ask is for an extensibility model for all searches that we do.