• When performing the revaluation, the reporting currency amounts should be calculated using the accounting currency amount translated to reporting currency.

    The companies with an accounting currency different from NOK (i.e. SEK, DKK and EUR), issue and receive invoices in NOK. When revaluating these invoices (AP and AR), the NOK invoices are not revaluated in reporting currency, only in accounting currency. This means that when you do the reporting across companies using the reporting currency, there is a deviation between the figures in accounting currency and reporting currency on the main accounts used for unrealized gain and loss, as invoices issued/received in NOK are left out in the reporting currency calculation.
  • RU- Error during posting purchase invoice

    System hangs when invoicing 1024 lines after ~50 minutes. The wait time for the process to complete and the system to show results was an hour and a half with 1024 lines. It's missing uptake of "Core DCR Dual voucher solution for product receipt and vendor invoice functionality". For details: https://vstsmbs.visualstudio.com/Compliance/_workitems/edit/3978905

  • Enhance 'Edit in Excel' option to include Excel Online

    The "Edit in Excel" feature is great unless you're using Excel for Mac or Excel is not installed. Therefore, it would be nice to edit using Excel Online. When I'm in this situation, my workaround is to save the downloaded XLSX file to OneDrive for Business (or OneDrive, as the case may be). Then I can open the file in Excel Online and use the D365 Add-in as usual. At the moment when we try to open the lines in excel (Excel add-in) the add-in is not working! This issue is causing a lot of problem as we need this add-in to upload the entries in a journal. Error message: The add-in is currently not available on your device. The Idea is approved for D365 Business Central: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=f82169ae-adb0-e711-80c0-00155d7cd0b4
  • Creation of a ‘Case Processes’ entity

    Creating a Case Processes entity will allow case processes to be exported and imported. Currently, if multiple legal entities use the same processes, that have to be manually keyed into each and cannot be exported and imported. Additionally, if an activity needs to be added towards the start of a 100 activity processes, all the activities after the new one need to be deleted to add a new one. All the deleted ones then have to be recreated after it.