• Add a filter operator called IS BLANK

    When I want to filter on a field that is blank (aka empty or null), there does not appear to be an option with the current list of filter operators (is exactly, is not, contains, does not contain, begins with, is one of, after, before, matches).  How can I see records that "are blank" (aka empty or null)?  I don't think it is currently an option.  I would like to suggest that an IS BLANK option be added.

  • Add Select All function with View Staging Details

    Within Data management's - Execution details - View staging details...there is no ability to SELECT ALL.  When correcting errors, you might want to:

    1. filter on lines you want to update (ex:  Transfer Status of Errors)

    2. then you want to SELECT ALL

    3. then finally Bulk update

    However, currently you cannot SELECT ALL.  You are forced to select one line at a time.  This is often not feasible when many lines to update. :-(

  • Add a data management option to delete records

    Sometimes we need to bulk delete records and using data management would be a very convenient utility for this.  Another application I've worked with had an additional column that could be added to the import file (e.g. CSV, etc) that was called DELETE.  If the column had a certain value (e.g. !DELETE!), then it was a cue to the import utility that this line/record should be deleted.  Simple and very effective. :-)

  • Add activity to project fee budgets and actuals

    Project-centric organizations like ours budget project fees down to the activity level and have actual fee transactions down to the activity level as well.  The project WBS screen allows fees to be added to activities, but it doesn't currently go past the WBS.  Any project budget or actuals is without an activity reference.  To overcome this shortcoming... we have had to customize the system.  It seems that it would be minimal effort to extend activities to fee transactions.  Any project-based professional services organization would appreciate this added detail for sure. 

  • Allow deletion of Beginning Balances Journal for Projects

    There is a Delete button in the Beginning Balances Journal for Projects, but it is not functional.  (Technically, it is functional but only if you remove every single line from the Journal 1 by 1.)  But...even though there is a select all option, when you select more than 2 lines the Remove lines button is greyed out.  So if you have a journal with 1,000's of lines, you'd have to remove each line 1 by 1.  And then (and only then) you can use the delete button.

    I filed a support ticket and the response is that it is not a bug because it didn't work in the former version of AX / Operations either. LOL.  Please help us delete journals that we want don't want to post.

  • Document Routing Agent as a Windows Service - Allow printing of checks and other document requiring custom margins

    In the article below we learn that we have to "jump through hoops" to print documents with custom margins (such as checks).  We find this to be unacceptable.  Please enhance the document routing agent so that it can handle documents with custom margins (just like any other document).


    Documents that require custom margins

    When the Document Routing Agent runs as a Windows service, document reports, such as checks, that require custom margins can't be printed directly to network printers. Instead, the Document Routing Agent automatically routes those document to a target folder. New configuration properties in the application's Settings dialog box let you define the target location for document reports that require custom margins.

    When the Document Routing Agent runs as a desktop application, it continues to take advantage of Adobe Reader to spool the document to the shared printer device that is selected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. To handle scenarios where documents that have custom margins must be printed, we recommend that you install the Document Routing Agent in multiple locations. Then install the printers that will handle those documents only on the Document Routing Agents that will run in desktop application mode. Alternatively, use a post-execution process to pick up the files in the target directory and direct them in the appropriate manner.

    Source:  Run the Document Routing Agent as a Windows service (as of 9/13/2017)


  • Fix issue in AP when transactions are said to be marked for settlement when they should not be

    RE: Accounts Payable For years and years, AX organizations will occasionally have open AP transactions erroneously get "stuck" as "marked for settlement" when they really should not be. Organizations have been forced to do a SQL update (database surgery) on the database table SpecTrans to fix the issue. I'd like to see Microsoft fix this issue (or provide some sort of solution (cleansing process/utility) to allow organizations to correct the situation without having to do database surgery!) Source 1: https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/26765 Source 2: https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/231951 We know first-hand because we used the above 2 references to do this database surgery on the SpecTrans table. It isn't right, and should be corrected. Here is what we had to do this week: select * from spectrans where REFRECID = '5637407885' --REFRECID = RECID from vendtransopen delete from spectrans where REFRECID = '5637407885' --REFRECID = RECID from vendtransopen --1 row updated

  • Create a Category under this Ideas site for Accounts Payable

    Create a Category under this Ideas site for "Accounts Payable". Please clean up the Categories under this Ideas site for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 1. There is no Category for "Accounts Payable". There is one for Accounts Receivable, Procurement and sourcing, etc - but none for "Accounts Payable". 2. Put the drop-down list in A-Z (alphabetical) order. Would make finding the right selection much easier.

  • Apply / default Dimensions in GL Journal Entry when selecting a Project

    In the project and accounting module, entries will apply / default Dimensions AFTER you select a Project. Please apply / default DIMENSIONS when we are entering a PROJECT on the GL side.