• Improve MAM capabilities by adding the Intune SDK to the FS Mobile app

    Already today we are able to deploy the FS App using MDM tools such as Microsoft Intune. Especially in the light of GDPR, it would be beneficial to also have advanced MAM features available, such as policies to prevent users from copying content from the FS App and pasting it into a personal mail client. Suggestion: Embed Intune SDK into the FS App.

  • Improve work hour management, consider introducing shifts

    The current working hour management does not provide enough flexibility. Requirements such as bi-weekly schedules can only be achieved through the API at the moment. Suggestion: Improve work hour administration. Ask to the community: Please add comments with your specific requirements. In addition to that, all bigger companies request shift/roster management instead of managing individual resource's working hours. It would be very helpful to be able to define shifts on a calendar and then associate resources to shifts.

  • Make scheduling criteria such as territories and skills time-dependent

    We already have the ability to constrain potential booking candidates by criteria such as territory and skills. Suggestion: Add validity dates/times to resource skills, resource roles/categories, resource territories etc. and consider them in Schedule Assistant and RSO. This way we would support scenarios such as for example: - resources that can be flexibly assigned to territories - resources have one role in the morning and another in the afternoon or different roles per day - skills such as certifications could automatically be activated or expire

  • Spread schedule board panels across different monitors

    Most dispatchers use multiple monitors. It would be beneficial if the different panels (in particular the list of RRs, the map, the Gantt chart) could be detached and placed on different monitors to make perfect use of the available real estate.

  • Schedule Assistant to ignore work hours

    Similar to RSO, I would like to be able to ignore working hours when running Schedule Assistant or the API. Use case: My resources work 8:00am to 6:00pm, but I have an emergency WO at 8:00pm. I want to see my resources with travel duration to either book them or be able to call them and check whether they can help.

  • Provide time-only field or control to capture time windows in URS

    As of today, time window start and end are capture and displayed as date/time fields, which is often confusing for the user. Suggestion: Similar to date-only fields, also provide time-only fields. Workaround could be the ability to only show the time portion of a date/time field in standard views.