• Extend and customize the CRM to Outlook tracked contact field mappings

    Please allow us the ability to customize CRM to Outlook mappings, we'd like to be able to:
    - Choose which fields get sent up to CRM when a contact is tracked
    - Choose and alter which fields in outlook sync to fields on the CRM Contact
    - Disable certain field mappings between CRM & the Outlook Contact
    - Alter a setting indicating if a field should be pushed down and overwrite the client or if it should be a two way sync


  • Add POA AccessRightsMask for deny visibility

    We can add Read/Write/Share/Delete record access for principals in CRM, please add the ability to "Share" a record to "Deny" which would block a user from seeing or editing a record entirely.

  • Allow a snippet of JavaScript to be added in the Head tag of each CRM page

    With CRM Online's popularity customers would like to purchase or write their own analytics for Dynamics CRM (applies to onPrem & online) - the standard way to accomplish this in other products and CMS systems is to inject snippet of JavaScript in the Head which will call back to the tracking service (async). The Script block and format is custom to the product used (, Riverbed SteelCentral, Azure Mobile, Google Analytics, etc).

    The detailed request:
    - Allow a small bit of JavaScript to be stored in CRM as configuration data, this would then be injected into the head tag of every page load.
    - the goal is to allow this javscript snippet to be loaded before any page objects are loaded so customers are able to use products to track user experience and product usage

    - onus of writing well performing JavaScript that will not leak memory etc would be on the customizer
    - Document the known risks of add’l round trip calls potentially causing a poor user experience
    - From a product standpoint wrapping this in a simple try/catch and swallowing any exceptions should mitigate most JavaScript coding issues
    - provide a specific scope and intended use of the feature to set the right supportability expectations
    - scope of the feature would also include adding this script within the various mobile apps as well to make sure that all endpoints are captured.
    - Limited to no Dynamics CRM "context" would be provided to this script due to the location of the script (before anything else is loaded)

  • API for CRM Online Instance Management

    I would like to request an API to execute common instance management functions in the "instance picker" for CRM Online instances. Functions (as of today) could include:
    - Copy instance
    - Set instance to Admin mode
    - Rename/edit instance properties / change URL
    - switch instance (prod/sandbox)
    - Backup instance (future)
    - Restore instance (future)
    - Delete instance


  • Please allow for Multi-Entity settings to be solution aware and expose them in the API

    Please enable the option to include Multi-Entity quickfind settings (From System Settings -> General -> Select entities for search) in CRM Solutions.


    In addition, it's imperative there be a way to set these via a supported API call.



  • Data Export Service Cannot create a row of size 8064 which is greater than the allowable maximum row size of 8060

    When attempting to sync an entity with many attributes, the initial sync or delta syncs will fail due to the sql row limit. This is a show stopper and the only workaround is to delete attributes from this entity in CRM until it's below the limit.

    The underlying exception is:  

    Entity: publisher_entity, RecordId: dg67ce23-9e05-x311-w317-00505692015z, NotificationTime: 01/00/1900 12:15:35, ChangeType: Update, FailureReason: Cannot create a row of size 8064 which is greater than the allowable maximum row size of 8060.

    The statement has been terminated.

  • Data Export Service: Allow export of Audit Logs and Audit Details

    Customers would like to have the option to export their audit logs and audit details to SQL via the Data Export Service.  This would transform and make the data queryable (rather than sync the xml) allowing admins to query details of records, fields edited, and when users logged in (via the user access auditing).  


    This would add significant value to the auditing feature and customers who use it. 

  • Use Application insights for customer telemtry analysis and reporting

    Many customers have requested the ability to configure an Application Insights telemetry key in their Dynamics 365 CRM/CE instance and be able to view/report and query (using app  insights querying) at least the following data.  One can imagine with these data points they could leverage other azure technologies to self heal or remediate as well as alert upon an increase in exception types or other arbitrary and flexible conditions as well build out PowerBI usage reports and end user adoption: 

    • Form load & browser rendering/processing times 
    • request source geographical data 
    • All plugin execution logs redirected to appinsights fail/success, etc (instead of the database) allowing for reporting, alerting, and complex querying
    • Other processing times such as bulk Deletion job results 
    • system jobs 
    • async plugin execution 
    • system job results being mirrored into app insights telemetry (including workflows, async plugins, etc) 

    With these events along with their requestid's and correlation id's customers and partners could report on end-to-end scenarios and figure out how a given async plugin, workflow, process fired which specific plugins, etc.