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    Refund check processing - allow user to select a printer

    Suggested by Rob LipstreuCompleted 0
    Category: Call Center

    Retail > Channels > Call centers > Refund check > Refund check processing > Select an order > Click on Print button in the ribbon - get the error 'Unable to find printer with path', but the checks still show as 'Sent'.

    he only workaround I have found is to generate payments in a normal customer payment journal and select the printer there. Then the next time I go to Refund check processing, it uses that printer. 


    Idea - allow the user to select the printer to be used on the 'Refund check processing form'.

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    Product builder items in Call center orders

    Suggested by Approved 0
    Category: Call Center

    Our customer sells products where we would like the product builder. They would enter these items in CallCenter/retail quotes and sales orders (so not in POS).
    Currently this is not supported in D365. You can enter the product, you can configure the line but retail discounts are not applied and the price is not very stable because it disappears sometimes.

    Would be good if you could support this feature in Retail as well.
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    Expand order events sales lines

    Suggested by Louise Fruelund HermansenUnder Review 0
    Category: Call Center

    include delete line and change quantity on sales order lines on the order events parameter setup