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    Intrastat for Belgium - Changes valid from January 2019

    Suggested by sabine torfsPlanned 1
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    (id alert 40932/40939)

    intrastat-form must be changed by 02/2019.

    documentation can be found here:

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    Ability to change the calendar start date

    Suggested by Katrina SUnder Review 2
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    In Business Central, when you're in any date field, a calendar pops up. By default the calendar starts on a Monday. It would be nice if a user can change the start date to a Sunday.
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    Table for States

    Suggested by Mike StallmannUnder Review 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    It has always been the case in NAV and now in Business Central where the State field is a code field with no relation to a table of states. We have added this to so many installations over the years when users ask for it. It is necessary when doing any kind of development logic based on the state field. To ensure rules are setup to correspond to a list of common values. Otherwise, there are cases where users will enter incorrect data. Can we have a States table? Or an option for it in North America? I understand there are localization issues that arise out of this, but would be so beneficial, rather than us have to add it in whenever we build an extension related to the state value.
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    Automatically identify payment type accordin to the paymentID blank or not

    Suggested by Mihaela UrsuNew 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    The current design for this process is as follows: if payment specification is assigned to 1 or 2 then the payment is considered as payment type 1 or 2 regardless of whether paymentID is blank or not. If payment specification is not assigned then the payment type is identified as payment type 3. It would not verify at all the paymentID being blank or not.

    The request is to verify if paymentID is blank for a payment and if so, then identify payment type=3. 

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    Dynamics 365 Financials Show on Map to include state

    Suggested by Mark PowellPlanned 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    When you click on "Show on Map" in Dynamics 365 Financials, it pulls up Bing Map. This doesn't work correctly. There is no state filled in. As a result, this will pull up the map for the address that most closely matches that is closest to you. If you are in New York and are looking at a customer in 1 main street Atlanta, Georgia, it will pull up an address for 1 Main St for the closest that it finds in Bing Maps. 

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    EFT file for Customer Refunds

    Suggested by Pallab MukhopadhyayNew 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    In the current design of Dynamics Business Central you can create EFT file for Vendor Payments only. Dynamics Business Central should also have the feature to generate EFT file for Customer Refunds.

    The Customer is in Child care business and has to refund their Customers the deposits on a regular basis. They had this feature in their earlier system. Having this feature in the product will help them in their day to day operations.

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    Standard Code Modification should exists

    Suggested by Dynamics DynamicsUnder Review 0
    Category: Geographies and Localization

    Lots of customization required to change the base code , Presently it is missing in D365BC version