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      Multi-geo locations with Business Central

      Suggested by Darren BayleyUnder Review 6
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Ability to use multi-geo locations with Business Central, so that in the same Office 365 tenant, you can have for example a UK instance of Business Central, and a US instance of Business Central.
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      Intrastat for Belgium - Changes valid from January 2019

      Suggested by sabine torfsAccepted 3
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      (id alert 40932/40939)

      intrastat-form must be changed by 02/2019.

      documentation can be found here:

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      Ability to change the calendar start date

      Suggested by Katrina SAccepted 3
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      In Business Central, when you're in any date field, a calendar pops up. By default the calendar starts on a Monday. It would be nice if a user can change the start date to a Sunday.
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      List Page Columns Adjust ability

      Suggested by New 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Currently we are unable to adjust columns width in dynamics 365 business central, as compared to RTC.
      It becomes difficult to View/Copy data from fields in List/ListPart Pages.
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      Vat Exemption Italian Localization

      Suggested by gaia casadioNew 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Italian law defined that customer and vendor can be a Vat exemption in relation of: exemption period or an amount. there is the necessity to have into a customer and vendor a fields integer to insert the amount of my exemption book. in addition, NAV would control that the amount of invoice are included into this plafond. Now it is possible insert an total amount for each vendor and not for one vendor. this procedure create error because it is not possible create and invoice without VAT when the VAT plafond are closed/Full

      Thank you for submitting this idea.

      If you believe this is a new requirement imposed by legislation, please be sure to create an alert about this in our Globalization Portal.

      To register an alert in LCS, the Globalization Portal
      1.If you do not have access to LCS and the Regulatory Alerts – Worldwide project, first:
      2.Go to the Globalization portal:
      3.Send request to join Localization community (under NDA) at
      4.Submit the alert using this Alerting guide

      Søren Alexandersen
      Senior Program Manager, Business Central Localization

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      Include Tenant ID in System Information

      Suggested by Johannes Sebastian NielsenNew 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      The Tenant ID should be viewable somewhere.
      I find it via Web Service URL, but thats not customer friendly.

      Display it in "System Information" page
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      Locked Text Constants should be excluded from Translation Export

      Suggested by Kevin Kevin.Mascarenhas@incadea.comUnder Review 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      There exists on the CRONUS Database text constants and captions set to Locked. (@@@Locked) that should not be translated as part of localization / translation as they are required for internal processes.

      However they are included in the Translation Export from the Developer Environment.

      Suggest these translations to be excluded from the export by default or have an option that they be included when required.

      Please also review captions in the new CRM Object Range (Table 5353) for example and set them as locked wherever applicable.
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      Release Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud version to Malta

      Suggested by Mirko BonelloUnder Review 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      For some reason all Dynamics Partners in Malta cannot understand, we still cannot deploy Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud version in Malta (only on-prem is available).

      For Malta all we need is W1 functionality (no localisation is needed) so we should be able to deploy the product.

      Kindly trigger the process to enable Business Central cloud version in Malta. We have many customers interested in it so it would be a win-win for Microsoft, for Partners and for our customers. Let us keep loyal to the motto "to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more".
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      Table for States

      Suggested by Mike StallmannUnder Review 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      It has always been the case in NAV and now in Business Central where the State field is a code field with no relation to a table of states. We have added this to so many installations over the years when users ask for it. It is necessary when doing any kind of development logic based on the state field. To ensure rules are setup to correspond to a list of common values. Otherwise, there are cases where users will enter incorrect data. Can we have a States table? Or an option for it in North America? I understand there are localization issues that arise out of this, but would be so beneficial, rather than us have to add it in whenever we build an extension related to the state value.
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      Headers in the Income Statement Report - AU

      Suggested by Sandhiri Prashanth Kumar ReddyNew 0
      Category: Geographies and Localization

      Note: This is follow up request of 279419 - To be able to filter out the empty lines in Income Statement Report in AU

      When the user filters the report using "Hide Empty Lines" the headers are not printed for the data that is printed.

      The data should be grouped based on the begin and end totals and the begin and end totals labels needs to be printed and the same has to be in Bold.